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Donation on “Gema Natal” Event in 8 Cities

Expressing gratitude for the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior, teams from Area offices held a series of the Sound of Christmas events themed "Terang Orang Benar Bercahaya Gemilang" (The Light of the Righteous Shines Bright). They invited guests from orphanages and senior citizen homes to share the joy of Christmas at CIMB Niaga branches. A part of the Senior Management Walkabout, management members of local offices took part in the bankwide initiative which took place from January 11 to February 3, 2012. 

 The bank symbolically handed a Rp 5-million donation to each of the social charity organizations taking part in the celebrations.

Below is the list of orphanages and old-age homes CIMB Niaga made donations to: 



Name of Foundation

Sound of Christmas Celebration venue


Yayasan Bhakti Luhur (Bhakti Luhur Foundation)



Yayasan Bina Kasih (Bina Kasih Foundation)



Panti Werdha Perandan Padudan (Perandan Padudan Senior Citizen Home)



Rumah Asuh Anak dan Lansia ”Griya Asih” Lawang ("Griya Asih" Senior Citizen and Children's Home)



Yayasan Sosial Ibu Anfrida (Ibu Anfrida Social Foundation)



Panti Asuhan Bhakti Luhur (Bhakti Luhur Orphanage)



Panti Tuna Netra Bartemeus (Bartemeus Home for the Blind)



Yayasan Karya Murni (Karya Murni Foundation)



 It was hoped that events like this would help CIMB Niaga employees share greater love with those who are less fortunate. Let us be the light and salt for people around us.


Support for Flood Victims In Lebak, Banten

January 18, 2012. People in Banten had to suffer from recent flooding, when Ciujung river overflowed its banks and caused several areas in the regency of Serang along the course of the stream to submerge in water 2-meter deep. With their homes inundated, people were forced to take refuge and shelter on a section of the region's toll road. The flood washed out as many as 12 districts in the area. Floods in the province of Banten left Pandeglang, Lebak, Serang, Cilegon and Tangerang paralyzed. More than 13,755 houses across 97 villages in 29 sub-districts were damaged.

In an effort to ease the hardship endured by local people affected by the disaster, CIMB Niaga and Al-Azhar Peduli Ummat went to flooded regions to set up integrated command posts and provide much-needed assistance and emergency support. Items distributed to locals included food and water, instant noodles, used but still wearable clothes, prayer mats and veils, plastic sheets, blankets, medicines and sanitary kits. Tarps, nails and other building materials were also supplied to families whose homes were damaged.

Hopefully the people of Banten would get back on their feet in no time, and may they learn from the tragedy that it was sadly their habit of disposing wastes to local streams that caused the flooding. A changed culture and increased awareness among them would help solve the problem.


Educating Nursing Mothers in Pekanbaru

March 3-4, 2012. Breast milk is food with the best nutritional values for babies at their early stages of growth and development. Sadly, not all mothers with infants understand the benefits of breast milk and many are not aware of the affects and dangers of feeding bottled milk to babies.     

In an initiative to educate people, particularly residents of the city of Pekanbaru and its surrounding areas, on the issues, CIMB Niaga and the Riau Chapter of ASI for Baby Community worked with the association of breastfeeding mothers or Asosiasi Ibu Menyusui Indonesia (AIMI) to organize educational courses on pre-natal and post-natal breastfeeding preparations. Held at Cititel Hotel in Pekanbaru, the training presented Mia Sutanto, SH, LLM (Lactation Counselor and Chairman of AIMI) and Farahdibha Tenrilemba, SS (Lactation Counselor and Secretary General of AIMI). 

The event aimed at supplying sufficient information on the significant benefits of breast milk to parents and parents-to-be in a noble cause of creating highly-qualified future generations. Happy breastfeeding!


Bekam Treatment at Griya CIMB Niaga Bintaro

On Monday, March 12, 2012, the Administrative Board of CIMB Niaga's Al-Hikmah Mosque offered open and free health care service applying BEKAM or glass-cupping and incision method of treatment for personnel working at Griya CIMB Niaga, as part of the bank's internal Corporate Social Responsibility health program.  

A service initially provided by Al-Hikmah for 40 male employees proved to be a hit with a total of 62 highly enthusiastic health-seeking participants registered for the treatment. At the event wrap-up, a public relation officer for the mosque administration, Chandra Heru Dimas, awarded certificates to six (6) bekam treatment therapists. The event organizer hoped to be able to schedule routine treatments. "A sound mind in a healthy body."


Special Parking Spaces For People With Wheelchairs

In line with its CSR strategy of showing care for others, especially those with special needs or different abilities, in April 2012 CIMB Niaga started to make available special parking spaces for people with wheelchairs at its main branch offices in Menara CIMB Niaga in Karawaci and in Griya CIMB Niaga in Bintaro, as well as in the Pondok Indah icon branch.

It is expected that with the provision of special parking services stakeholders with special needs would enjoy better banking experience with CIMB Niaga.


CIMB Niaga Launch Smart Parenting Club

June 15, 2012. It is official: CIMB Niaga now has a Smart Parenting Club. The club allows everyone at CIMB Niaga to maintain balanced life in order to promote a happy and prosperous family. The company realized that balance of life is the key to people's ability to successfully embark on their daily journeys - the reason why CIMB Niaga set up the Smart Parenting Club with a variety of monthly activities and events, including seminars that represent credible speakers and resource persons who would talk about many different subjects: child growth and development, family health, financial solutions, cooking class and nutrition for children, pregnancy and maternity, and other hot topics.

In conjunction with its opening, the club held a seminar on women's health: "Early Detection of Breast Cancer and Identification & Prevention of Cancer of the Cervix". The guest list included Harjanto Tanuwidjaja, Human Resources Director; Harsya Denny Suryo, Head of Corporate Affairs; Gatot Subagio, Corporate Communication Head; Ronggo Sadono, Director of Mahaka Media Group (Magazine division); physicians from MMC Jakarta and Hermina Bogor hospitals; and Nadya Mulya, a celebrity invited as guest star.


Ramadhan Bazaar and Sales Of Low-Priced Daily Needs

July 25-28, 2012. The holy month of Ramadhan has come. “Marhaban Ya Ramadhan”. CIMB Niaga and the administrators of Menara CIMB Niaga and Al-Hikmah mosques worked hand-in-hand to improve the quality of relationship between people by promoting social communications. In an effort to realize this, Ramadhan bazaars were simultaneously organized in Karawaci and Bintaro. 

Both local people and employees in both areas warmly welcomed the initiative and the opportunity to buy basic necessities at a cut price. Bazaar participants included partners supported in the CIMB Community Link program, corporate customers and CIMB Niaga employees. Various products were offered: from food items and beverages, clothing articles to daily necessities and second-hand yet useable items sold at a price tag of between Rp 1,000 and Rp 10,000. Used items for sale at a slashed price were donated by CIMB Niaga employees under a social solidarity initiative to ensure that the people in need could afford them. The organizing committee managed to make Rp 2,987,900 from the sale of used goods and Rp 9,900,000 from selling low-priced basic commodities. All the money went to the account of CIMB Niaga Peduli Ramadhan 1433H to be distributed to 10 orphanages in areas where CIMB Niaga operates.

 It is our hope that the donations would support the beneficiaries and strengthen our faith and devotion to God the Almighty. And may Ramadhan be the perfect time for us to turn ourselves to Allah SWT. Amen.

Orphans Donated

July 26 - August 10, 2012. "Give love to orphaned children, feed them, caress their hair, and you will find that your heart softened and your wish fulfilled" is a reflection and a call for us all to always care for orphaned children. They live in the world with no parents to provide them with food, teach them how to lead their lives and protect them from the dangerous and tough world. Who else but us would they rely on for love, food and an opportunity to live a perfect life?

CIMB Niaga firmly believes that they deserve our love and care, and it is our duty to help them realize their dreams. CIMB Niaga's 2012 Safari Ramadhan came as a perfect opportunity to invite fatherless, motherless and parentless children to join CIMB Niaga to share happiness in any tour run in a number of regions in Indonesia: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Balikpapan and Banjarmasin. Every invited orphanage would receive a sum of Rp 7,500,000 they could use for their operations.

The entire family of CIMB Niaga hoped to be able to share kindness and positive experience through the tour series in getting closer towards achieving the company's vision of becoming a trusted bank in Indonesia.


Supporting Flood Victims in Padang

August 4, 2012. Torrential rain showers over the city of Padang in West Sumatra which started on Tuesday, July 24, 2012, caused several rivers to overflow, destroying houses and forcing locals to flee to safer places. As many as 7 districts were hit by the flood and there were also reports that overflowing stream put residential compounds in Mount Pangilun under water. 

Many houses in the region were left buried in roof-high muddy water. West Sumatera's Emergency Response Office reported 646 people injured and 448 residential units flooded. Four CIMB Niaga employees and their families were also affected by the disaster. 

Working with Azhar Peduli Ummat, the bank donated basic necessities worth Rp 25 million to help ease the suffering of the people. Attending the distribution of flood relief support were Tellyana, Padang's Branch Manager, and Djafri Baharuddin, Azhar Peduli Ummat's West Sumatera Area Coordinator. A Ramadhan fast-breaking helped ease the suffering of the affected locals.


Supporting Flood and Landslide Victims in Ambon

August 1, 2012. Immediately after the Padang relief effort, CIMB Niaga initiated another emergency response support for the victims of Ambon floods and landslide which occurred on Wednesday, August 1, 2012. The city of Ambon was isolated for the whole day following the disasters which took 10 lives and injured 5 others.

Water rose as high as the shoulder of an adult leaving homes submerged and forcing people to take their family members and belongings to areas untouched by water. Buildings affected by the floods included CIMB Niaga's Ambon branch office. Assisting in the regional relief and recovery efforts, CIMB Niaga donated food and water, hygiene kits, blankets or sarongs, and set up a refugee care center where drinkable water was prepared and distributed. The bank's assigned team also supplied tools -- shovels, hoes and other cleaning items -- needed to remove ruins and wastes.

 May these monstrous acts of God remind us all to get closer to Allah SWT and be individuals who surrender to Him. Amen.


Assisting Fire Victims In Bivak

Under a philanthropic initiative, CIMB Niaga rushed a team to assist fire victims in Jakarta. The incident started in Karet Bivak, a densely-populated area in Central Jakarta, on Monday, August 6, 2012, at 7.45 p.m. Fire burned 480 houses down, leaving 565 families homeless. They now live in shelters and open tents set up on locations, including the Karet Bivak cemetery, close to where their homes once were. CIMB Niaga donated learning kits, baby supplies and feminine hygiene products, and basic commodities.

The support initiative reflected CIMB Niaga's humanistic approach to easing the burden of the fire victims. May they keep their faith and spirit intact to help them get through the hardship and start a new life.


Sahur on The Road 2012

With Ramadhan comes the time to share and offer kindness, and many CIMB Niaga employees used the momentum to take to the street on August 10, 2012, to relive the Sahur on the Road (SOTR) program.

Participants included CIMB Niaga personnel joining a number of motorcycle clubs -- CBC (Consumer Bikers Community), TMC (Tower Motor Club) and FSM (Forum Silaturahmi Messenger) -- under the auspice of the South Jakarta Chapter of IKN (Ikatan Karyawan Niaga). This year's SOTR hit the records for both the number of participants and the length of the convoy with 3 cars and 130 motorcycles.

Bikers made visits to several places -- Al-Hikmah Orphanage and Fuqara Home in Sawangan; Al-Akhlaq Mushala in Kalimalang; and Al-Amin Mushala in Tendean, South Jakarta. May the theme of SOTR 2012 -- Sharing with People for Closer Ties in the Blessed Month of Ramadhan -- be materialized.


Educational Aid for Kartini Temporary School

Every citizen has the right to education as stipulated in Article 31 Paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution. Education makes up the foundation of the nation, and helps the people to gain higher status. Unfortunately, good education is not something that children of the Sekolah Darurat Kartini (Kartini Temporary School), an establishment set up under Ancol's Lodan Raya overpass, can fully enjoy.

Concerned with the school's operations, CIMB Niaga donated uniforms and learning & teaching facilities including globe replicas and Indonesian wall maps with a total value of Rp 22,000,000. All donated items were symbolically handed to the twin behind the idea of Sekolah Darurat Kartini: Ibu Sri Rosiati (Rossy) and Ibu Sri Irianingsih (Ryan), on Monday, August 13, 2012, at an education expo organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

CIMB Niaga expected that the donation would help Sekolah Darurat Kartini to consistently support its students, all of them street children, to allow them to experience decent education.


Emergency Earthquake Relief for People Of Sigi, Central Sulawesi

August 22, 2012. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 on the Richter scale devastated the region of Sigi in Central Sulawesi, causing thousands of people to lose their homes. 

CIMB Niaga was quick in responding to the disaster, and working with a partner organization, Program Kemanusiaan and Pemberdayaan Umat (PKPU), it provided support for the victims. Delivering blankets, plastic sheets and basic necessities badly needed by the people of Sigi,

PKPU volunteers had to miss happy moments with their loved ones during the Lebaran holidays, but they were admittedly relieved because they managed to deliver to those in need all articles entrusted to them by donors, including CIMB Niaga. The support represented CIMB Niaga's commitment to helping ease the hardship endured by those affected by natural disasters in emergency relief efforts.


Sharing at Eid Al-Adha 1433 H Celebrations

Allahu Akbar... Allahu Akbar... Allahu Akbar... The praise to Allah was repeatedly recited with the butchering of sacrificial animals, as CIMB Niaga took part in the celebration of Eid Al-Adha 1433H.

Part of the bank's annual programs, on October 26, 2012, the purpose of the distribution of sacrificial animals was to promote ukhuwah or muslim brotherhood between employees and local people living in CIMB Niaga's areas of operation. Rituals under the year's program were performed in several regions: Jakarta, Tangerang, Pekanbaru, Batam and Surabaya. CIMB Niaga donated a total of Rp 127 million for the purchase of sacrificial animals. Packets of meat were then distributed to various stakeholders: underprivileged communities around the bank's operations, pesantrens, orphanages, hospitals, scavengers and railroad-crossing gate keepers.

May the initiative continue to drive the personnel to promote kindness and willingness to sacrifice for others in observance of their religious teachings.



As many as 20 underprivileged residents of Semarang were listed for a stitchless cataract surgery arranged and sponsored by CIMB Niaga on Monday, November 5, 2012, at Sultan Agung Islamic Hospital. More than just a health recovery initiative, the surgery played a vital role in the effort to get the beneficiaries out of poverty.

Most of the cataract patients were 'breadmaking' husbands/fathers, and the eye condition was responsible for their poor performance at work; some were totally incapable of doing any work.

 Support for the stitchless cataract surgery program was presented in a special ceremony by CIMB Niaga's Central Java High-End Commercial Banking operation. With a total of 20 patients treated, it might seem small in number and on a national scale, but would certainly mean big for the patients' families waiting at home.  

Flood Relief Support for Mamasa, West Sulawesi

November 18, 2012. Working closely with Al Azhar Peduli Umat, CIMB Niaga was quick to respond to flooding in Mamasa, West Sulawesi, and provided support for the victims.. 

In the emergency relief and recovery efforts, Al Azhar Peduli Umat partnered with a team of volunteers from a local social organization, Sahabat Peduli Makassar, in helping distribute basic necessities, kitchenware and building materials to 57 households..


Community Service - A Gift from the Heart to Bhakti Luhur Foundation

In celebrating this year's Christmas, the association of Christian employees or Persekutuan Doa Karyawan Kristiani (PDKK) at CIMB Niaga Bintaro arranged for its members to provide a community service for Yayasan Bhakti Luhur in Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten, on Saturday, December 1, 2012. Bhakti Luhur is a social foundation that cares for and serves children with special needs, both physically and mentally.

Some 200 children fostered by the organization, accompanied by their teachers and ten PDKK Bintaro members, enjoyed the celebration. They welcomed the visiting group with great love, and participated in special activities organized by PDKK. Despite their physical and mental handicaps, the children happily and enthusiastically choired beautiful songs, played games and colored pre-printed drawings. 

During the final session of the celebration, PDKK Bintaro handed the foundation caretakers donated packages of basic commodities, children's supplies (shirt, pants, undershirts, shoes and sandals), educational materials, personal hygiene kits, and cutlery sets. They also donated 2 bicycles, 1 gas stove, 1 countertop water dispenser, electric irons and cooling fans to facilitate the children's home daily operations run by highly-devoted nuns. Financial assistance was also awarded, with the money collected in a fund-raising initiative from members of the Association (PDKK Bintaro Griya CIMB Niaga 1 & 2) amounting to Rp 9,000,000.


CIMB Niaga Arranges Blood Donation Drive

December 6, 2012. Fear, anxiety, pain, pounding heartbeat: these are what first-time blood donor candidates experienced. But once they had their turns, they would come home feeling relieved and proud of being able to save lives of others who need blood. And they now know other benefits of being regular donors: reduced risks of heart attack, diabetes and other serious health conditions.

For the celebration of Christmas, CIMB Niaga held another "CIMB Niaga Peduli Sesama" blood donation drive. Simultaneously run at CIMB Niaga Bintaro and Menara CIMB Niaga Karawaci, both events were welcome by CIMB Niaga employees and local communities alike with enthusiasm.

Local community members were also seen at the locations making their contributions. From 9.30 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Indonesian Red Cross Tangerang and Serang teams managed to collect 253 bags of blood in Bintaro and 187 at Karawaci office. Ms. L. Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs & Legal Director, was seen giving support and encouragement to participating donors at the venues.

For this year's drive, Yayasan KEHATI, a partner of CIMB Niaga Community Link, extended information on healthy lifestyle and ways to achieve this, including by consuming organic products. Booths were set up at the blood drive locations where people could buy organic rice and flour, fruit and vegetables, as well as processed food made from locally-sourced ingredients and bakpaws (Chinese steamed-bun) cooked with natural colorings. 



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