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Sorting Wastes with Residents of Pondok Indah

March 10, 2012. At 9 a.m. members of CIMB Niaga's Employee Volunteer Team who had gathered at the Pondok Indah Icon Branch started to head for the basketball park located in the 13th neighborhood area of the sub-district. At the site there were already a lineup of garbage cans and a pile of black plastic bags which the green movement community of Pondok Indah or Komunitas Hijau Pondok Indah (KHPI) had supplied. Wasting no time, the teams invited residents of the area to join them in the environmental initiative to sort household wastes. 

It was essential that wastes were properly sorted for the next sessions of the day: composting and plastics/paper recycling. Organic wastes were mixed with plant leaves to make compost. Bacteria in plate wastes and kitchen scraps helped turn them and other organic materials into compost. Non-organic undegradable wastes were separated to be later recycled to make raw materials for the manufacture of plastic or paper products. Doing small things for the environment will have big impacts on our lives.


KEHATI Opens a Park in Sleman, Yogyakarta

June 20, 2012. CIMB Niaga took to the field to show concerns about the environment, and sent a team to a quake-affected site-- the Museum of Merapi Volcanic National Park in the village of Hargobinangun in the regency of Sleman, Yogyakarta -- to help build KEHATI Park, a project initiated by KEHATI Foundation. The project started in August 2011 and aimed at restoring agricultural lands in the village ruined by the eruption of Mount Merapi. Plans included building the KEHATI Park and a bamboo arboretum occupying the stretch of land in front of the museum and a part of the Hargobinangun community forest. 

Modeled on a biodiversity reserve, the KEHATI Park will have a large collection of species of mostly rare or endangered plants. Supporting the Mount Merapi Museum, the park will also serve as both an educational facility and an alternative tourist destination. Its concept of edutourism will allow the park to attract the general public and students.

Attending the site opening were Sri Purnomo, the regent of Sri Purnomo; Yogyakarta's Provincial Environmental Protection Agency officials; KEHATI directors and Ibnu Gunawan, CIMB Niaga's Yogyakarta Branch Manager.  


Corporate Affairs Storage Room Clean Up - Part II 

The idea of cleaning up the storage room first came up when the Corporate Affairs (CA) team was in a brainstorming session back in 2011. After looking at the results, the initiative was later adopted by the team at Bintaro's Consumer Liabilities Business (CLB).

On Saturday morning, June 30, 2012, still busy with the Indonesia Banking Expo (IBEX) 2012, the Corporate Affairs team started another storage clean-up job at 9 a.m. They headed straight to Level M where CA's storage room is located. The team saw documents and used items filling up the room. While sorting the paper stacks and articles, they found and set aside 'treasures' that many people could use and benefit from. 

Consistent implementation of the green office scheme proves to be the key to changing our attitudes to help us care more about the environment. Start with ourselves... Start taking a part... Start doing it... Let's start paying attention to our work environment for our own best interests.


Greening Education by Unggulan Scholars

In following one of the principles of higher education (Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi) -- serving the community -- scholars of CIMB Niaga's Beasiswa Unggulan (scholarships for high-achievers) in Yogyakarta participated in a social activity supported by the bank: Greening Education to Make a Better Future 

Organized by the association of university graduates who were scholars of CIMB Niaga (Ikatan Alumni Penerima Beasiswa CIMB Niaga), the event served to motivate all scholarship beneficiaries to give direct contribution to the community. Participants were involved in an effort to make primary schoolchildren aware of the environment by giving them books on environmental issues and educating them about the importance of environmental preservation.

The enthusiastically-anticipated event was held on September 29, 2012, at SD Muhammadiyah Duri in Kalasan, Yogyakarta, with a total of 33 children in attendance, accompanied by their teachers and the school administrators. CIMB Niaga will continue to support its scholars for one single purpose: establishing sustainable relationships with all of its stakeholders.


Save Bamboo by Planting 10,000 Bamboo Trees

CIMB Niaga's Corporate Affairs' team organized an employee volunteer day on Saturday, November 24, 2012, in Tabanan Bali, where participants took part in one of the '10,000 Bamboo Tree' program series. Taking place in several regions in Bali and West Java, the movement highlighted the importance of preserving bamboo, a species which offers numerous benefits for human kind.

Members of the CA team learned a lot from the activity: philosophy of bamboo, self-massage techniques for relaxation and how to prepare traditional medicines from local plants. They were also introduced to food and beverage products processed from local ingredients, including juice and wine made of purple yam. This type of tuber contains a high level of antioxidants and many beneficial properties vital for a healthy body. 

So, let's join hands and do something for the earth for the benefits of our future generations. No matter how small the things we do today, the impacts will be great for our children.


CIMB Niaga Supports Bamboo for The Earth Movement

In conjunction with the '10,000 Bamboo Tree' movement currently ongoing in Bali and East Java, a ceremony was held on Monday, November 26, 2012, in Saung Angklung Udjo in Bandung, marking CIMB Niaga's support for the movement driven by Gerakan Masyarakat Bambu Pertiwi (Bamboo for the Earth). Initiated by the Indonesian Ministry of the Environment, the event formed a vehicle where bamboo preservation activists from all over Indonesia could make a shared commitment to start replanting bamboo trees.  

Minister of the Environment, Prof. Dr. Balthasar Kambuaya, MBA, was seen among the attendees. He said that a bamboo planting scheme would have to be urgently put in action because at today's planting rate, local bamboo crops could not cope with the rapid growth of bamboo-based industry. If we do not start planting now, bamboo could soon be a rare species, and we would lose the numerous benefits we could otherwise gain from the plant.

Ms. L. Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs & Legal Director, on behalf of CIMB Niaga, symbolically presented a donation to Sam Udjo, witnessed by Mr. Balthasar Kambuaya, Indonesian Minister of the Environment. CIMB Niaga believed that the support would have to go beyond a bamboo planting initiative to include care for Indonesia's natural environment protection. 


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