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Community Development & Empowerment  

Employee Volunteer Day – CIMB Niaga Build

High in spirit, volunteers -- all of them CIMB Niaga employees coming from different directorates -- gathered at Graha CIMB Niaga Sudirman for the Employee Volunteer Day - CIMB Niaga Build held in Sentul, Bogor. On that day, Saturday, April 14, 2012, before a photo shoot session and heading to the designated site, they decided among themselves which of the following jobs each would have to do:  
  • Cutting, bending and assembling reinforcing bars to make concrete support meshes
  • Digging foundation holes
  •  Moving rocks needed to build foundations
Part of the program of the day was the distribution of books as well as learning & teaching facilities -- replica globes, map books and wall maps -- to the state elementary school of Karang Tengah (Babakan Madang). The school provides free education for many children in the sub-district of Babakan Madang. While access to free educational services is available, there are still a large number of children dropping out of school because of various family-related reasons. 

The CIMB Niaga Build project came to an end after the team handed gifts to children living nearby the construction site and basic necessities to the family of Pak Patah, owner of the house which the team helped build.


Cart Movement Marks Grand Opening Of Padang Office And Sharia Operation

April 23, 2012 -- In conjunction with the grand opening of the relocated branch office and Syariah unit of operation in Padang, CIMB Niaga handed over to local social foundations -- Yayasan Citra Al Madina and Yayasan Al Azhar Padang -- focus assistance to support learning & teaching activities run by both organizations. 

CIMB Niaga Syariah, working closely with a local state-run tithe-collecting agency (Bazda) that operates in the city of Padang, took part in the "Program Padang Sejahtera", an initiative seeking to promote the well-being of the region and its people, and donated Rp 100 million taken from the unit's Qardhul Hasan funds, for the provision of mobile kiosks for small businesses.


Jewelry Display Business Counseling

Learning and teaching prove to be effective ways of gaining and expanding horizons and knowledge. To date, its remains an irrefutable theory: one who has learned a subject and teaches others that particular subject will be able to fully understand it and can even become an expert. 

 This concept was applied by CIMB Niaga scholars who are members of the association of graduates and beneficiaries of CIMB Niaga scholarship program -- Ikatan Alumni Penerima Beasiswa CIMB Niaga (IAPB) -- in administering the 50 Super Days Project offering counseling services to small- and medium-scale businesses in Jakarta. CIMB scholars who had the opportunity to study management, accounting and information engineering at various universities, provided services necessary for properly running a jewelry display business.

They headed for the sub-district of Kelapa Dua in West Jakarta on June 2, 2012, for another business counseling session at a workshop run by Warsito and his wife. The business owner learned from the team how to manage his finances using the Financial Accounting System, apply a good business management system, and market his products through social media and create a website and facebook pages.  


Employee Volunteer Day In Sentul, Bogor

After a week of heavy workloads, on the bright Saturday morning of December 1, 2012, CIMB Niaga's CSR team prepared themselves for an Employee Volunteer Day in the village of Babakan Madang in Sentul, Bogor. Ibu Ibad, a beneficiary of the CIMB Niaga Build program, warmly welcomed all volunteers to her humble place. A widow with 5 children, she works for people requiring her help with their lands. The CIMB Niaga Build plan for the day was to reconstruct her 4m-by-6m semi-permanent house.

First, volunteers were briefed by the construction team from Habitat for Humanity on the basics of laying a foundation. Afterwards they took their tools and started work at the construction site with high spirit: digging foundation holes and cutting iron bars. The scorching heat of the sun, sweat and thirst were no deterrence for them.

The volunteer program can teach us a lot. We will realize that we have a place to live far better than the dwelling of marginal people, and for that, we should be grateful. It will also present a way to encourage potential volunteers to share, in sincerity, with those around us who are in need of our help.  


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