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Corporate Governance  

Corporate Governance implementation in PT Bank CIMB


The Company’s commitment to implement good governance is beyond compliance: good governance is to transform the Company’s values to achieve maximum values for our shareholders and other stakeholders.

The implementation of Good Corporate Governance is essential for success in a modern company. Hence, efforts to implement GCG principles have long been made at CIMB Niaga. The objective is not only to meet stipulations set by the relevant authorities but also to support the Company in sustaining its growth and achieving its long term targets. This has become increasingly important as CIMB Niaga is continuously expanding provision of banking services across Indonesia and ASEAN through synergies with the CIMB Group network.



GCG implementation is manifested in the interaction among the Company’s entire organs, including General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM), the Board of Commissioners, the Directors, senior officers and all employees to create a corporate culture establishes based on the Company’s code of ethics, vision/mission and core values.

This Company has actualized this commitment by meeting all applicable regulations, including those of Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (FSA) and adopted standard guidelines in the industry, among others, the corporate governance guidelines issued by theNational Committee on Governance (NNG), the ASEANCorporate Governance Scorecard, and the OECD Principlesof Corporate Governance (OECD Principles). 

The benefit of GCG implementations for the Company can be seen in the Company’s achievements quantitatively and qualitatively, both financial and non financial, and appreciations given by external parties.

An effective GCG implementation is beneficial to the Company’s sustainability through sound financial performance, business growth and commitment in implementation sound banking. The Company also ensures comprehensive and timely publication of its financial and non financial condition to stakeholders.



During the period of the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, periodically the Company has obtained several acknowledgement and recognition from independent parties, in particular in the year of 2013 the significant recognition are as follows :

 1. “Annual Report Award 2012”

Ranked first in the Category of Private Financial Listed companies held by the National Committee on Governance (NCG), BEI , BI , FSA , Director General of Taxes , Ministry of Enterprise and the Indonesian Institute of Accountants.


2. The 5th IICD: Corporate Governance Conference & Award” 

The Best Responsibility of the Boards 2013 by The Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship

3. Best Sustainability Reporting Awards 2012”

1st Runner Up for Best Sustainability Reporting 2012 - Financial Services Category by The National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR) and the Indonesian Netherlands Association


4. “Corporate Governance Perception Index (CGPI) Award 2012”

The Most Trusted Company by The Indonesian Institute for Corporate Governance & SWA Magazine

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