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3 Langkah Mudah Melakukan Pendaftaran Go Mobile

Pastikan nomor handphone Anda terdaftar pada data nasabah (CIF)
Bila Anda ingin menggunakan nomor yang lain silakan kunjungi cabang kami untuk update data CIF.
Download aplikasi CIMB Mobile ke handphone Anda
Cukup dengan mengakses link https://mobile.cimbclicks.co.id/apps atau SMS* ke nomor 1418 ketik "Mobile"
Pilih tombol register pada aplikasi yang telah terinstal
Ikuti langkah-langkah registrasi yang kami berikan
*Provider yang telah bekerjasama saat ini: Telkomsel, Indosat, XL


Balance Information.
View up to 10 last transactions of saving account;  and 7 last transactions of credit card.
View up to 5 last transactions of saving account through SMS Menu.
Bill Payment (credit card of any Indonesian bank, loan, insurance, telephone, etc).
Purchase (prepaid airtime reload, Public Utilities (PLN)*, BlitzMegaplex*).
Transfer (own account, other CIMB Niaga account, or other bank member of  ATM Bersama or Prima) by online transfer, clearing, and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).
Account profile management: change mBanking PIN, set default account, create favorite list, etc. (Transaction can be done directly from favorite list)
Find nearest ATM and CIMB Niaga branch location.

*The feature is not yet available for this category.  (est. medio 2013)

Go Mobile transaction limit:

Transaction type Limit
Source of Funds: Saving Account/Current Account
Transfer to Your Own Account
Unlimited, with a maximum of IDR 10 Billion per transaction.
Transfer to CIMB Niaga IDR 100 million
Transfer to other Bank IDR 50 million.
For realtime transfer, up to IDR 25 million per day with a maximum of IDR 10 million per transaction
Purchase IDR 1 million per day
Payment IDR 2 billion per day

For Junior saving account, you can not use this account as source fund (for transfer, bill payment, purchase).

Having an CIMB Niaga Saving / Current Account and owned Debit Card

To register from Go Mobile application, customer mobile number* must be registered at Customer Information File (CIF)

Registration also available through ATM. To register from ATM, your mobile number does not have to be listed in CIF.

How to get the service?

Type URL http://mobile.cimbclicks.co.id/apps on your mobile browser and select your mobile phone type. 

Download Go Mobile application and install to your mobile phone. 
To use SMS Menu, just type "Mobile" and send it to 1418.

*SMS menu only available for: Telkomsel, Indosat, and XL.

  1. I'm already registered as CIMB Niaga Ponsel Banking user before. Should I cancel it? 

    You may register to Go Mobile without canceling the previous service.

  2. Can I change my registered mobile phone number? 

    Yes. Please visit your nearest CIMB Niaga branch to confirm the change.

  3. I forgot my mBanking PIN! 

    Please visit your nearest CIMB Niaga branch to apply for Go Mobile service cancellation and then re-register your account.

  4. Can I use Go Mobile service abroad? 

    Yes you can. Your pass code will be sent to your registered mobile phone number. For application/WAP use, make sure the GPRS service is enabled in your destination country.

  5. How to get lower GPRS service rate while abroad? 

    Please contact your mobile phone provider to get overseas provider list which has agreement on international roaming and lower GPRS service rate.

  6. If I lose my mobile phone, what should I do to secure my Go Mobile service? 

    Please contact your provider as soon as possible to block your cellular phone number. Financial transaction cannot be carried out without mBanking PIN. Please contact our call center, 14041 to block your Go Mobile service.

  7. How to speed up my Go Mobile access? 


    • Activate your 3G service.
    • Make sure you have good GPRS/data coverage.
    • Your connection will be better if you stay outdoor, not indoor (for example: inside an elevator).
  8. How much does it cost me everytime I use Go Mobile service? 


    • If you have registered for unlimited internet access, it will be free of charge.
    • If you use GPRS service, please refer to your provider's regular internet service rate.
    • If you use SMS menu, please refer to your provider's SMS rate.
    • For every Go Mobile login attempt, customer will be provided with a pass code -sent to registered cellular phone- in accordance to your provider rate for the service.
  9. If I don't have GPRS facility in my cellular phone, can I still use Go Mobile service? 
    • Yes you can, by using Go Mobile SMS Menu. Text "Go Mobile" or "Mobile" to 1418, and you will get these options:
      1. Balance Inquiry
      2. Last 5 Transactions
      3. Prepaid Reload
      4. Fund Transfer
      5. Pay Bill
      6. Acc Setup (Set Default Account)
    • Reply the SMS with the number of your transaction choice.
    • For example, text "1" and send to 1418 to inquire your account balance.

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