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Current Account  
If you have high payment volumes every month, an account that comes with a chequebook will make things a lot easier. Just write a cheque for each transaction you need to make and send them off. Some current accounts even pay interest or hibah (profit) if you maintain a balance, so they are as good as savings accounts. This means you only need one account instead of multiple ones. An overdraft facility can also be added to your current account if you need additional funds.

Our Popular Product(s)
Giro Rupiah (Perorangan)  
Giro VALAS  
Why this product? Provides you with facility and convenience in banking transaction.

If you wish to have simple and convenient business, maintain current account in Rupiah/Foreign Currency with CIMB Niaga.

Current Account in Rupiah/Foreign Currency
Current Account for individual or corporate customer in rupiah or any other foreign currencies provides you with convenience and facility in making daily business transactions.
Individual current account in IDR currency with obtaining benefit advantage in transaction Individual current account in foreign currency (AUD / CHF / EUR / GDP / HKD / JPY) with benefit and easy transaction  
ATM Card Yes Yes Yes  
Account Statement Giro Statement Account Statement  
Cheque Book  
Min Account Opening Giro Rp. 1.000.000 Opening Balance : EUR / AUD /CHF : 1.000, JPY : 100.000, HKD 5.000, GBP : 500  
Special Features Sweep Arrangement and Automatic Fund Transfer Available in multicurrency (AUD / CHF / EUR / GDP / HKD / JPY)  

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