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Debit Card Reguler  

CIMB Niaga Debit Card provides you not only the convenience of no hassle banking transaction but also secure and reliable transaction.

CIMB Niaga Debit Card has multi functionalities as an ATM Card and also as a payment tools in all shopping centre or merchants bearing the MasterCard logo, so you do not need to waste your time finding ATM first or providing extra cash before you shop!

There are many more benefits offered by CIMB Niaga Debit Card :

  1. Save while you spend, through a variety of attractive programs in affiliation with CIMB Niaga's partner merchant all year long such as discount, cash back, gift with purchase,etc.
  2. No Charge for cash withdrawal transaction through wide network such as ATM Bersama, ATM Prima, ATM CIMB Group Regional, MEPS (Malaysia) and Cirrus (around the world)*
  3. Best rate, even when you are travelling in overseas, CIMB Niaga Debit provides best rate while you swipe CIMB Debit in ATM or EDC,so you don't need to exchange your money first before leaving Indonesia
  4. Wide Acceptance, CIMB Niaga Debit can be use in thousands of CIMB Niaga ATM, ATM Besama, ATM Prima in Indonesia or ATM with Maestro/Cirrus logo around the globe. Also, you can just find merchants with Master Card logo for purchasing anything you want.
  5. Convenience and easy, not necessary to bring cash anywhere you go, just swipe CIMB Niaga debit anytime you need without additional charge.


CIMB Niaga Debit Card can be use for your everyday expenses payment card in any shopping centres or merchants bearing MasterCard Logo, in Indonesia or in overseas.

It's very easy to use CIMB Niaga Debit :


Your account balance will be automatically debited according to the transaction amount. No need to use cash in your wallet!


Besides giving you the convenience of cashless shopping, CIMB Niaga Debit Card also gives you the benefit of SAVE while you SPEND through our affiliation with your favorite merchants.

Download the promo info here!

As per March 2013, CIMB Niaga Debit card transaction at CIMB Niaga's EDC, customers have to input their PIN in EDC machine. Customer's signature is no longer required.

So, why wait? Use your CIMB Niaga Debit Card every time!

*following terms and conditions of No Problem program from Tabungan CIMB Niaga X-Tra



Transaction TypeATM CIMB NiagaATM Bersama / ATM PrimaMaestro / CirrusMEPSATM CIMB Regional
Cash WithdrawalFreeIDR 5.500*IDR 30.000*IDR 12.500*Free
TransferIDR 5.000IDR 5.000---
Balance InquiryFreeIDR 3.000USD 0.5--

*free for specified minimum balance, following terms & conditions of No Problem program from Tabungan CIMB Niaga X-Tra.

Transaction Limit

Transaction TypeCIMB Niaga Debit Reguler, Air Asia Savers & Syariah CIMB Niaga Debit Junior
(7 - < 12 Th)
CIMB Niaga Debit Junior
( > 12 Th)
CIMB Preferred & Private Banking
Cash Withdrawal via ATM10.000.000250.0001.000.00010.000.000
Purchasing via EDC25.000.0001.000.0002.000.00050.000.000
Bills Payment via e-ChannelTidak terbatasdiblokirdiblokirTidak terbatas
Overbooking within CIMB Niaga account via e-Channel50.000.000diblokirdiblokir50.000.000
Transfer to other bank via e-channel25.000.000diblokirdiblokir25.000.000

(all amount are in IDR)


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