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Cash Management  

Tax Payment
 >> Enable customer to do tax payment easily
Mass Fund Transfer System
>> Service provides to customer (corporate / business owner) to do bulk payment / fund transfer

>> Speed up payment process
>> Deposit  or transactional account  for individual or corporate customer  supported with comprehensive facility to improve your business efficiency

>> Giro CIMB Niaga provides many benefits for you to support your busines.

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PoinKU (Poin Kiriman Uang)

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by increasing your outgoing TT (Telegraphic Transfer) Transactions!

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>> An automated web/internet based that assists every business in managing their supply chain transaction between Seller and Buyers (Principal and Distributors)

>> E-Chain facility from CIMB Niaga giving flexibility and convenience for Buyer and Supplier to do business
Virtual Account

>> Reconciliation solution to identify every incoming transaction by assigning a unique  number thus improving the business cash flow

>> Speed up the reconciliation process of business transaction

Pick Up & Delivery Service
>> Facility provides to customer for cash collection or delivery from predefined location on agreed schedule by Customer and Bank

>> Pick up and delivery service giving facility for colllection and delivery fund from predefined location, so that you can focus on daily business activity

>> BizChannel@CIMB is a cash management CIMB Niaga Internet Banking solution for corporate customer for their needs in doing financial and non-financial transaction for increasing business effectiveness and efficiency

>> Updated  feature

>> Real time and online account information

>> Transaction can be done anytime and anywhere Secure and protected by multilayer security  and firewalls

Remote approver ability


Customer Support
Call CIMB Niaga at 14041
Call BizChannel@CIMB at 14042
Send email to BizChannel Support

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