• iB Pahala Hajj Savings

The financing that helps you fulfil Hajj.


iB Pahala Hajj Savings is a facility that is directly connected with Sistem Komputerisasi Hajj Terpadu (SISKOHAT) or an integrated computerized system of Hajj of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to obtain the Hajj number

- Agreement

Wadiah and Mudharabah Muthlaqah

- Nominal of initial deposit

min. IDR 500,000

- Minimum balance

IDR 500,000,-


- Min. of next deposit

IDR 10,000,-

- Nisbah/ Profit Sharing Ratio

In accordance with the initial agreement between the Bank and the Customer

- Signs of Ownership


IDR 50,000 (penalty) if the account closing (break) is done before leaving for Hajj

iB Pahala Hajj Savings with a profit sharing ratio of 25%

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