• iB AirAsia Savers

CIMB Niaga AirAsia Savers, makes you save more on your vacation!

Get these benefits!

·         10 % Daily Cash Back Reward (e-gift voucher AirAsia)

·         Free Big Point

A vacation is no longer just a dream, it’s time to make your dream holiday come true in a smart way while enjoying all the benefits of CIMB Niaga AirAsia Savers

Benefits & Advantages

·         No Administration fees, no debit card fees, and no withdrawal fees through ATM Bersama, Prima, CIMB Bank ATMs (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia) and MEPS (Malaysian Electronic Payment System) as well as MasterCard/ Cirrus network.

·         10% Daily Cash Back Reward (e-gift voucher AirAsia)

Enjoy even more benefits in the form of cash back 10% for AirAsia online ticket purchases with CIMB Niaga Direct Debit Feature for the promotional period.

·         AirAsia Promo Early Notification

Get AirAsia promo information a day earlier by SMS to your cell phone number or registered email address.

Easy transaction anytime & anywhere

·         CIMB Clicks for extra instant and secure Internet Banking

Internet banking through www.cimbclicks.co.id using mPIN that guarantees the security of transaction.

·         Go Mobile for banking transaction at your fingertips.

Easy and fast access through various types of cell phone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Java).

·         Auto Debit Facility

Make your CIMB Niaga AirAsia Savers as your source of debit funds for loan payments, Tabungan Pendidikan and Tabungan Mapan or other monthly payments.

·         Convenient transactions with 24 hour banking access

Simple access for transactions at more than 700 branches all over Indonesia and convenient branches all over Indonesia and convenient transactions at million of ATM networks around the world. Also enjoy access to information and banking transaction anytime & anywhere through Phone Banking 14041, Cash Deposit Machines and Self Service Terminal which are available at selected CIMB Niaga branches and Digital Lounge.

CIMB Niaga AirAsia Savers Fees & Charges

CIMB Niaga AirAsia Savers Fees

 Fee Amount

Monthly Administration Fee


Debit Card Fee


Cash Withdrawal Fee at ATM Bersama and Prima network


Cash withdrawal Fee at ATM CIMB Bank


Cash Withdrawal Fee at MEPS Mastercard/ Cirrus ATMs networks


Minimum balance

IDR 10,000

Fee for an Average Daily Balance < IDR 100,000

IDR 5,000

* Balance before withdrawal < IDR 10 million applies cash withdrawals fee of IDR 5,500, - (ATM Bersama and Prima), IDR 12.500, - (MEPS network) and IDR 30,000, - (MasterCard/Cirrus network).

Important notes for Customers:

·         AirAsia products and services offered to customers by CIMB Niaga, are not CIMB Niaga products and services, and nothing related to AirAsia products and services forms a responsibility or obligation on the part of CIMB Niaga.

·         If any problem arises to an AirAsia product or services between Customers and AirAsia, it shall be settled between the customer in question and AirAsia without involving CIMB Niaga, and in doing so the customer exempts CIMB Niaga, its management and employees from all liability.

AirAsia products offered to customers may change at any given time in accordance with the cooperation between AirAsia and CIMB Niaga.