• Tabungan iB Mapan

iB Mapan Savings with Mudharabah muthlaqah principles to help you plan your various needs and dreams such as vacations, weddings, Hajj/Umrah and many more. Make all of your dreams come true with iB Mapan Savings

  • Flexible:

- Able to determine savings duration

- Able to determine monthly deposit amount, at the minimum of IDR 100,000

- Funds deposit outside of the monthly deposit

  Can be done by direct deposit  into iB Education Savings Account

- Able to determine monthly payment date

- Able to make changes to:

   1. Increase the number of monthly payments

   2. Source of funds (within 1 CIF*)

*CIF or Customer Information File is a file in the Bank’s system that stores all information and data of a Customer who has an Account in the Bank including saving, deposit, giro and credit. Source of fund and Mapan Savings Account should be in 1 (one) CIF number.

  • Competitive:

High investment results with a competitive profit sharing

  • Life insurance benefit with no medical examination required
  • Easy and Convenient:

You do not need to come to the bank, because the monthly payments are automatically transferred from iB X-Tra Savings/X-Tra Savings accounts/CIMB Preferred/CIMB Niaga Private Banking Accounts/iB Individual Current Account /Individual Current Account/CIMB Niaga AirAsia Savers /iB Savings/TabunganKu


Mudharabah Muthlaqah

- Minimum initial deposit


- Monthly Deposit

Min IDR 100,000 and max IDR 5.000,000


Min. 1 year and Max. 18 years

- Age of customer

18 years or at maturity of maximum 55 years of age


- Nisbah/Profit Sharing (for Mudharabah contract)


In accordance with the initial agreement between the Bank and the Customer


- Proof of ownership

Signs of Membership for  iB Mapan Savings


- Source of funds

iB Xtra Savings Account/Xtra Savings/CIMB Preferred Account/CIMB Niaga Private Banking Account/iB Individual Current Account/Individual Current Account/CIMB Niaga AirAsia Savers/iB Savings/TabunganKu

IB Mapan Savings Program with Umrah direct reward


IDR 25,000 penalty if cashed before maturity

iB Mapan Savings with Mudharabah and time period of 1 to <3 years 38% and iB Mapan Savings with Mudharabah Savings and time period of> = 3 years 39%

iB Mapan Savings Program 10%

iB Mapan Savings - prize 20%

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