• iB Home Ownership Financing


Actualize your property financing, in accordance with Syariah principle under murabahah contract

• Fast and easy processing
• Loans up to 15 years
• Fixed installments during the term of the financing

• Home purchasing
• Apartments purchasing
• Office/home office purchasing
• Land plots purchasing
• Loans transfer
• House construction
• Home Remodelling
• Multipurpose

Terms & Conditions

General Requirements
• Citizen of Indonesia domiciled in Indonesia
• Minimum 21 years of age

Document requirements for self-employed professionals
1 Application Form
2 Copy of ID card
3 Copy of  NPWP (Tax Payer Identification card)
4 Copy of Family Card and Certificate of Marriage
5 Copy Statements of Current Bank Account/Savings for the last 3 months
6 Original Salary Slip /Salary Certificate /SPT PPH 21/ePay slip
7 Financial Statements
8 Copy of Practice Permit/License to Practice

Debit Card Haji & Umroh

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Phone Banking 14041