• iB X-Tra Gold Mortgage Financing

Financing to assist you in financing for both new investment and business development to support the expansion and improvement of your business

  • Safe:

Safe and insured. Gold storage

  • Easy:

Mortgage process is relatively quick and comfortable in accordance to Sharia.

  • No interest:

No financing interest.

  • Affordable:

Affordable storage fee (Ujrah).

Target Market:

Individuals 21 years of age and older or married

Total Financing:

a) A minimum of IDR 500,000

b). Maximum financing:

- IDR 250,000,000  specifically for KCS, and OC SnD channels;

- IDR 50,000,000 specifically for micro and small entrepreneurs and also for non micro and small entrepreneurs in Mikrolajuchannel.

Financing period:

At least 15 days; multiples of 15 days and a maximum of 4 months and can be extended at a maximum of two periods.

Calculation of maximum funding:

80% of Estimated Gold Value gold by the Bank.

Financing Settlement:

a) Basic Debt/principal of financing and Ujrah (gold storage fee) at the end of the period time of redemption;

b) Administrative fee is paid before the disbursement of financing

• Customer are required to open a CIMB Niaga Sharia account and Financing Disbursement shall be to the Customer Account.

• Documents needed: KTP; NPWP for financing> 50,000,000

• Channel Sales = Sharia Branch, Mikrolaju and Conventional Branch

• Facilities: Gold Storage Insurance 

1. Gold Mortgage for  Employee: Storage fee equivalent to 1% of the estimated gold value; Administrative fee; Applies to all employees

2. Free gold cleansing, gold mortgage gets free gold cleansing

Ujrah (Storage rental fee and guarantee of gold maintenance):

• Financing <10,000,000 -> Eq.1.5% flat/month of the estimated value of the gold.

• Financing> = 10,000,000 -> Eq.1.3%/month of the estimated value of the gold

No ratio for Ijarah contract, only Ujrah (rental fee)

CIMB Clicks, Go Mobile, Phone Banking at 14041, E- Statement, Mobile Pone Account, SST 

• iB X-TRA GOLD Financing Application Form

• Disclosure of iB X-TRA GOLD Financing

• Handover Goods Guarantees (SIGN)

Debit Card Haji & Umroh

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