• iB Car Ownership Financing
  • Organized
    Fixed installments throughout the term of the financing, to allow you to plan future finances.
  • Flexible
    Flexible time period of up to 5 years tailored to your needs.
  • Ceiling
    Ceiling up to IDR 5,000,000,000
  • Easy
    Quick and easy process
  • Competitive
    Competitive margin
  • Payment convenience
    The first installment is paid a month after financing disbursement.
  • Light
    Not subject to early repayment penalty. No provision fee
  • Affordable
    Lower upfront costs

Financing objectives:

New Car Purchases (Primary)

Used Car Purchases (Secondary)


Contract: Mudharabah


Time Period and Ceiling:

• Fixed Income: Min. IDR 50,000,000– maximum IDR 5,000,000,000 or Maximum of 3 units

• Professional & Self Employed: Min IDR 50,000,000 -

• New Car

Generally up to 5 years, but for certain brands may be up to 8 years. (details of car brands will be arranged by Product Owner).

• Used Car

Five (5) years, with vehicle age at financing maturity of maximum 8 years from:

- Year of manufacture in BPKB Document,


- The Year listed in the column

• Advisory Fee/Administration Fee:

- Ceiling <IDR 500,000,000

Admin fee of IDR 500,000.

- Ceiling ≥ IDR 500,000,000

Admin fee of IDR 750,000.

• Provision fee: N / A

• Insurance Fee:

In accordance to cooperation insurance rate

• Appraisal Fee:

Minimum IDR 500,000/(in accordance with the provisions of the appraisal fee applicable)

• FEO (fiduciary fees): According to the applicable rates

Fixed Rate (fixed during the term of financing)

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