• Capital Financing

The Financing which enables you to finance both current assets and working capital for your business success and smooth operation.



This iB business financing can be customized to your various business purposes


Can be tailored to your various investment purposes


Fast and easy financing applications to fulfil all of your business needs

Aimed for:

·         Sole Proprietorship

·         Enterprises



Financing of Materials

Inventory financing

Financing of Production Costs (Overhead)

Financing of Accounts Receivable

Flexible payment mechanism



Other Features:

Based on the Islamic principles of Sharia with murabaha agreement (sell and buy) and musyarakah (profit sharing), in accordance with the purposes

Financing is available in rupiah and other currencies

Financing time period is adjusted with the working capital requirements

The value of financing is in accordance with the purposes of working capital

Whether revolving and non-revolving are in accordance with the purposes

·         Financing application letter from the management/board

·         Valid NPWP of the institution

·         Legality of establishment and amendments (if any) and validation

·         Valid business permit: SIUP, TDP, SKD, AIS, and others (if needed)

·         Data of the company’s board of management

·         Financial statements of the last 2 years

·         Copy of passbook account history/current account statement of the last 6 months

·         Proof of collateral validity (SHM/SHGB/biljet/deposit slip/etc)

·         List of needs and proposal with proofs  of goods/services to be financed

·         Other underlying documents in accordance with the type of Islamic Commercial financing

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