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A Banker's Cheque is a cheque issued by the Bank payable to the order of specified payee for payment within a local area. Any variations of rate will be decided by Credit Committee on Remittances products.

  • All Banker's Cheques are pre-printed with the crossing "NOT NEGOTIABLE".
  • To be issued for use only within the clearing area of the issuing Bank and if cleared outside the clearing area then the normal outstation cheque commission is payable.
  • Should be accepted as good by the payee as it has been paid for by the customer at time of issue. It cannot be returned except for technical reasons.
  • To be used by customers who do not have a current account but wish to make payments by cheques, or in situations when a personal cheque is unacceptable.
  • Issued in Malaysian Ringgit only.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Products/Items Charges
Banker's Cheque

RM5 and stamp duty of RM0.15

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