• Indie Account

I can choose my own card sticker design

I’m free to choose from a wide range of design stickers for my Indie Account Debit Card

I can play online games by myself

So if I save money diligently, I can get free internet of up to 1GB every month so that I can keep playing games online and do transactions even more easily!

Terms and conditions apply

I can do online transaction by myself

Now I’m even more free to do transactions anywhere & anytime, without any fees. I can access my banking through my smartphone screen anywhere & anytime with the Go Mobile application

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I can treat my friends or my girlfriend/ boyfriend

I can hang out at my favourite spots with my friends and get special promos or even things for free by redeeming my Poin Xtra.

Terms and conditions apply

I can shop online by myself

I can make my dream come true of shopping online to buy any trendy item using Indie Account Debit Card. What's more, I get to enjoy 30% cash back

Terms and conditions apply

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