Poin Xtra

Pay using Poin Xtra and get 50% cash back


How use the Program

• Check your Poin Xtra total via ATM CIMB Niaga.

• Use Poin Xtra for your transactions at merchants during the promotion period:


Terms & Conditions

• Only applies to individual customers with IDR accounts (CIMB Niaga Xtra Savings, CIMB Preferred Account, CIMB Private Banking account, and Business Savings On Account) who own the following debit cards:


• 1 Poin Xtra = USD 10, -

• Transactions must be done at merchants using Poin Xtra (either full payment using Points Xtra or Poin Xtra + account debit).

• Poin transactions and payments must be done with CIMB Niaga Debit Card & ATM Pin and must be done by the card holder.

• 50% cash back will be credited no later than the end of next month in the form of Poin Xtra.

• Poin Xtra maximum cash back is equivalent to 500,000 Poin Xtra (worth IDR 5 Million/customer/month).




Payment using

Cash back yang diterima

Cash back Received

Poin Xtra

Debit Rekening

Account Debit

Transaction of Customer A at merchant on Nov. 20 2014 in the amount of IDR. 5.000.000, -

500.000 Poin Xtra (worth IDR 5.000.000,-)



250.000 Poin Xtra (worth IDR 2.500.000,-)


Transaction of Customer B at merchant on Nov. 20, 2014 in the amount of IDR. 1.250.000, -


50.000 Poin Xtra (worth IDR 500.000,-)

IDR 750.000,-

25.000 Poin Xtra (worth IDR 250.000,-)

Transaction of Customer C at merchant on Nov. 20 2014 in the amount of IDR. 1.000.000, -


IDR 1.000.000,-

No Cash Back