• CIMB@Work

At CIMB@Work, we provide intergrated facilities to put your company and staff at ease. From timely payroll payment facility to quick and easy loan process with competitive interest rates for staff, CIMB@Work ensures staff convenience, security and financial needs.

Why choose CIMB @ Work?
With more than 10 years of experience serving a wide range of leading companies in various fields of industry, CIMB@Work provides a variety of benefits for the company and staff.

The advantage of using CIMB @ Work:
1. Stay focused on the core business.
2. Reduce cash flow load.
3. Reducing paperwork.
4. Maintaining staff loyalty.
5. Improve staff productivity.
6. Improve company's image and reputation.
7. Improve staff and family welfare.

Appreciation and recognition for your employees in the form of friendly and trusted loan program