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Activate Your CIMB Niaga Credit Card
Your CIMB Niaga Credit Card will be sent as block card (inactive). Upon receiving your CIMB Niaga Credit Card, Bank will do the activation on your credit card and Bank will send SMS notification to your registered mobile phone notifying that your CIMB Niaga Credit Card has been activated. You also can contact Layanan Telepon 24 Jam Phone Banking 14041 to activate your credit card.
Definitions of Credit Card
1. Bank is PT. Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, a legal entity regulated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and resided in Jakarta. 2. Credit Card is a tool used to pay any occurred obligations as a result of economic activity, including retail transaction and/or Cash Advance transaction in which the the obligation is fulfilled beforehand by the Bank on behalf of the cardholder and the Card Holder is obliged to settle the payment to the Bank at the agreed time, in bulk payment or by installment. 3. Terms and Conditions is the following Terms and Conditions including the amendment, attachment, and additional clause(s) to the existing that might be from time to time as determined by the Bank. 4. Card Holder is the sole used that is authorized to use the credit card. 5. Supplement Card Holder is additional user(s) that are authorized to use by card. 6. Merchant is the party that accepts credit card as the payment tool. 7. PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the confidential numbers specifically assigned to the authorized Card Holder. 8. Credit Card Account is the Account created as a result of the loan occurred by the use of the card, including basic card and supplement card. 9. Current/Saving Account is the bank account owned by the Card Holder used as the source of payment to fulfill any obligations as a result of the credit card usage. occured. 10. Collection Date means the date when the Bank make the collection effort from any transactions occurred on the card and the outstanding balance on the credit card. 11. Due Date is the last date when the Bank should receive any payment by the cardholder for any outstanding balance on the card.
Issue & Ownership
1. Credit Card is issued by the Bank upon written application by the prospective Card Holder. 2. Bank will only issue the Card to the prospective Card Holder that is qualified according to the Terms and Conditions set by the Bank. Upon the issue of card, Card Holder have received credit facility from the Bank (“Credit”). 3. The card shall not be assigned to any person for any reason whatsoever. Card Holder shall be the only authorized person to use the card and Card Holder shall be responsible for any misuse of the card. 4. The card and the remaining unsued limit attached to the card: I. May be retrieved anytime by the Bank with no condition; or II. Automatically cancelled by the Bank without prior consent to the Card Holder in the case of deteriorating of the cardholder’s credit performance as under perform, doubted or non-performing. Card Holder hereby agrees and accepts the cancellation of the card and the remaining unused credit limit as attached to the card and the consequences as defined in this Clause. In the case of the card is canceled by the Bank or Credit Card is terminated and/or expired: - Card Holder agrees to no longer use the card and fulfill any obligations from the use of the Credit: a. Upon issue and use of card, these Terms and Conditions shall be regarded as the written agreement between the Card Holder and Bank. b. For any special matters that will be applied by the Bank related to the Credit Card, any special term and condition shall be notified by the Bank to the Card Holder using the way and media that are considered proper by the Bank. c. The applied Special Conditions will be considered as a part of existing Terms and Conditions and therefore will bound both the Bank and Card Holder. d. In the case of any discrepancy between this Terms and Conditions and other Terms and Condition set by the Bank, the Terms and Conditions that regulates those special matters shall prevaile. The special terms and conditions which are additional facility to the Credit Card that incur any costs to the Card Holder and/or other facilities beyond the primary functions of the Credit Card shall be subject to written approval from the Cardholder.
Rights and Obligations of Card Holder
1. Card Holder has the right to use the card according to its primary function which is tool of payment and other attached facilities as provided by the Bank. 2. Card Holder have the following obligations: a. Once receiving the card, sign the Card at the back of the card. b. Responsible for all consequences arise from any unauthorized use of the card o or any card related facility provided by the Bank, including but not limited to the incurred obligations and all other related charges. c. Card Holder hereby committed to make payment to the Bank according to the terms, conditions, charges and penalty stated in these Terms and Conditions, including attorney fee incurred for the purpose to claim or to recover any obligations of the Card Holder. d. Bank is not responsible for any rejection by Merchant to accept the card and for any supply of goods and services to the Card Holder. Any complaint by the Card Holder shall be solely resolved by the Card Holder directly to the Merchant. In the case there is refund from the Merchant, Bank will credit that amount to the Card Holder's Card Account. e. Cardholder shall be cautious in using and/or keeping the card and/or PIN to prevent from any unauthorized use and/or fraud and/or crime conducred by any unauthorized third party by not giving the card and/or PIN to any other party for any reason whatsoever and not writing down your PIN number on any media whatsoever and please be cautious everytime when transacting at ATM machine. f. Subject to Clause 3.2 point e) as above, Card Holder hereby agrees to be fully responsible for all transactions using the Credit Card and bind upon the Card Holder for all purposes, including any responsibility for any losses resulting from any unauthorized use and/or violation and/or crime and/or forgery of the card, including but not limited to the losses resulting from any negligence and/or wrong doing by the Card Holder, including all consequences in the case of the card and/or PIN is exposed to other unauthorized party, which is directly/indirectly caused by the negligence of the Card Holder , with or without the permission of the Card Holder.
Validity of The Card
1. The card will be valid until the last day of the month and year embossed on the front side of the card unless canceled by the Bank or as requested by the Card Holder or any other causes. In the case of cardholder decides to close the card or no longer wants to use the card before the Card expires, Card Holder must settle any outstanding obligation and and inform in writing to the Bank in form and content. Bank will immediately terminate /close the card upon such written notification. 2. Credit Card will be automatically renewed for the subsequent period, however Bank, with several consideration, has the right not to renew the card without any prior notice to the Card Holder. 3. Card Holder can request for any replacement card at no cost if the existing card is damage/broken, although the Card is not yet expired.
Function and Usage of the Card
1. Retail Transaction: a) Credit Card can be used for any authorized Retail Transaction at any Merchant all over the world accepting the Credit Card with MasterCard/VISA logo. b) To ensure the security of the Card Holder, Bank has full discretion to set the credit limit according to its internal policy. c) For any card present retail transaction, Card Holder is required to sign the sales draft and retain the copy to verify the transaction against the Monthyly Billing Statement. d) Merchant might reject the transaction using the Card and such decision is not caused by the Bank’s fault, the Bank shall not be held responsible and such dispute shall be resolved by and between the Card Holder and the Merchant. e) Bank shall not be held responsible for any disputes and/or loss incurred by direct or indirect purchase of goods and/or services using the card and in such case, the Card Holder hereby agrees not to press charge the Bank from any disputes between the Card Holder and the Merchant, including any defect and any other deficiency in quantity, quality, any other details related to the goods or services purchased and paid using the card. If any claim or dispute raised by the Merchant, Card Holder has to settle such claim. f) For any disputed transaction, Bank will carry out investigation following the applied procedures. If the results prove that the transaction is done by the Card Holder, Card Holder has to settle the billing. g) For any disputed transaction, Card Holder has no right to reject to pay the billing until the investigation is conducted and it is proven otherwise. 2. Cash Advance a) Card Holder can make cash withdrfawal either at the CIMB Niaga branches or at any ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) displaying the MasterCard/Cirrus/VISA/PLUS logo, located in Indonesia and overseas. b) For any cash advance transaction at ATM machine, Card Holder will be provided with PIN (Personal Identification Number). c) For any cash advance transaction at ATM machine using PIN performed by any unauthorized person, Card Holder shall be fully responsible for such transaction, where the definition of unauthorized party is any other party beside the Card Holder. d) For the security purpose, Bank will set the Maximum Cash Advance Limit, including other limitation related to the Cash Advance transaction, according to the Bank’s internal policy. e) The maximum limiy for Cash Advance Transaction through ATM is IDR 2.000.000,- (Two Million Rupiahs) per day and not exceeding the maximum cash advance limit as determined by the Bank. f) Accoring to the applicable laws, any transaction on the Card that has been posted on the Card Account by the is conclusive and is binding for all purposes except proven otherwise by the Card Holder. g) Bank shall not be held responsible for the loss that is directly or indirectly resulted from any card’s or ATM’s malfunction/damage due to Card Holder’s own fault, unavailability of fund in the machine and other reasons. 3. Transaction in Foreign Currency a) Any foreign currency transaction by Card Holder will be charged in Rupiahs using the current exchange rate set by MasterCard/VISA as the transaction is settled by by the Bank. b) Bank has the right to adjust the available Credit Limit as a result of foreign currency transaction usage in the . c) The applicable exchange Rate is the rate at the posting date of the transaction.
CIMB Niaga Credit Card PIN
You can request for Credit Card PIN which you can use for cash advance transaction, by sending SMS to 1418, with format:

PIN[space]4 last digit of credit card[space]Date of Birth with format DDMMYYYY

From your mobile number that has been registered at CIMB Niaga system.

Example: PIN 1234 14041999

*Valid for all credit card type (except Corporate Card)
Online Transaction with CIMB Niaga Credit Card
Your CIMB Niaga Credit Card has been equipped with 3D Secure feature which make your online transaction more secure. With this feature, every time your do online transaction, you will get 6-digit passcode that will be sent to your registered mobile phone number. You have to ensure:

1. Your mobile phone number has been registered to the Bank

2. Your mobile is on active condition

3. Your mobile phone provider is on good condition
Transaction Summary on Your CIMB Niaga Credit Card
You can access your credit card transaction summary via online through this website https://www.cimbclicks.co.id/cc-cimbniaga/Login.html On that website, you can also do:

1. See your monthly billing statement for previous 6 months period

2. Top up your mobile phone

3. Pay your monthly utility bills, such as electricity, internet, etc

4. Pay school fees for several universities

5. Pay airline ticket for Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air
Billing & Payment
Billing 1. The montly Billing Statement will be sent to the Card Holder before the Due Date which content will include: a. Detail of the transactions and the payable amount which will be stated in local currency (Rupiah); b. Minimum payment; c. Due Date; d. Other relevant information; The minimum amount due will include the outstanding balance of minimum amount due from the previous month’s billing statement and overlimit use from the assigned credit limit. 2. Billing related Information will be provided by the Bank through media determined by the Bank. 3. Shall the Card holder not receive the billing statement, the Card holder still has the obligation to pay the outstanding amount on the due date. Payment 1. Payment shall be made in local currency (Rupiah) and will be effective when the fund is received by the Bank according to these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the procedures set by the Bank. 2. Card Holder may opt to use auto debit facility from his/her saving/current account to settle the payment to the Card’s account at no later than the Due Date according to these following Terms and Conditions: a) Card Holder agrees that Bank has the right to determine the Payment priority among all other obligations of the Card Holder to the Bank in accordance with its policy. b) Card Holder understands that each and every amendments and cancellation to such instruction must have been received by the Bank at the latest 1 (one) week prior to the next Due Date. 3. Payment priority to the Card Holder's Card Account will follow this sequence: fees and/or charged, interest, Cash Advance outstanding balance and Retail outstanding balance, unless Bank determines otherwise . 4. Credit payment to the Cardholder’s account resulting from any cancellation of transaction by the Merchant will be done subject to Bank has received any evidence that indicates the cancellatiom and credit payment by the Merchant is true and valid. 5. Minimum payment : Minimum payment due is 10% (ten percent) of total outstanding balance. If there is monthly fixed installment, the monthly installment due has be to paid in full. 6. Cardholder is to make sure the payment fund is to be received on the due date in order to avoid any blocking and blacklisting in Bank Indonesia. 7. Disputed Transaction: a) Disputed Transaction shall be submitted by the Cardholder to the Bank within 30 (thirty) calendar days after the Billing Statement’s Printing Date. b) Any dispute submitted after the given period of time shall be under full responsibility of the Cardholder. 8. Bank will issue the copy of sales draft upon written request of the Cardholder and will charge administrative fee for each sales draft requested by the Cardholder. 9. Details of finance charge(s) and other fees related to the card and its usege may be available upon request to the Bank. 10. Notwithstanding the above clause and other related clause(s) implied on this Terms and Condition, Bank, withits sole discretion, may carry out periodical review to determine whether the Cardholder's Card Account is eligible for Interest rate that differs from the implied regular interest rate according to the terms and conditions set by the Bank from time to time and notified to the Cardholder. 11. Cardholder shall follow this procedure shall there any incorrect charges of interest, fees and charged to cardholder’s account a) In the case of incorrect charges, Card Holder has the right request for Interest, fees or charges reversal within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the Printing date of the Monthly Billing Statement. b) The written request shall be attention to Bank CIMB Niaga or CIMB Niaga Phone Banking 14041. c) For any request that is submitted after the given period of time will not able to be processed.
Loss / Stolen Credit Card
1. Cardholder shall be committed to keep the Card promises properly and if the card is lost or stolen, it is the obligation of the Cardholder to immediately report the incident to Bank CIMB Niaga through Phone Banking 14041. 2. If the loss/stole incident is happened overseas, please contact MasterCard/VISA Emergency Assistance or the nearest member bank of MasterCard/VISA International so that the card can be blocked immediately. 3. Any charges on the Card’s account resulting from transaction using the card before the loss/stolen incident is reported to the Bank, shall be the full responsibility of the Card Holder. 4. Bank has the right, with certain consideration and good faith, not to issue replacement card due to the loss/stolen incident.
Credit Limit, Freezing, Cancellation or Termination
• To applied the Application of Commercial Bank Risk Management , CIMB Niaga always performs in monitoring and evaluation of the credit card payment transcation. In order to minimize the risk of payment degradation , Bank may solely at its discretion from time to time change the credit limit or deactivate the credit card which granted to Cardholders based on information held by the Bank. • Card will remain as the property of the Bank at all times and cardholder is responsible to return his/her card including the Additional Card to the Bank, after the credit card been terminated. • If for any reason the Cardholder can not comply with the terms and conditions in the agreement, including in which the cardholder misuse the purpose of his/her credit card by any means, without prior written notice, Bank has the authority to suspend and terminate the agreement by closing Card holder’s Membership and ask Cardholder to resolve all the outstanding amount. • Cardholder can apply for increase CIMB Niaga Credit Card limit. Contact 24-hour telephone, Phone Banking 14041 or Priority Service at 15005 88 (for World MasterCard and Visa Infinite).
All fees and limit stated in these Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time by the Bank with prior notice to the Cardholder through media that is deemed proper by the Bank. 2. Bank has the right to modify these Terms and Conditions with prior notice to the Cardholder through media that is deemed proper by the Bank. 3. Subject to the above clause, any amendments or modifications shall be deemed inseparable from these Terms and Conditions and shall come into effect after such amendment is made. 4. Upon receipt and use of the card by the Cardholder, the Cardholder agrees and be bind by these Terms and Conditions and other Terms and Conditions issued by the Bank related to the issuance of the card. 5. All complaints by the Cardholder related to the use of the card must be submitted to the Bank and will be processed by the Bank according to the applicable procedure at no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days after the Bank receive the written, with extension of the subsequent 45 (forty five) calendar days in the event the related matter is not yet resolved. 6. Bank, at any time, may transfer or assign the rights relating to the loan or obligation of the Cardholder to the third party as appointed by the Bank to resume the collection process until the outstanding amount is settled by the Cardholder. Cardholder hereby agrees with such transfer or assignment and hereby agrees to authorize any proper action which is deemed useful and necessary (including seizure of documents) relating to the transfer or appointment. 7. Card Holder hereby promises to notify the Bank in writing or through other media that is deemed proper by the Bank for any changes related to occupation, business , home/work address or if the cardholder decide to migrate overseas.
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