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  • Medical Service


CIMB Niaga Medical Service is a facility whereby CIMB Niaga World MasterCard and Visa Infinite cardholders can utilize the medical services provided by Intl.SOS and which costs will be charged on your CIMB Niaga World MasterCard / CIMB Niaga Visa Infinite.

• Medical evacuation & repatriation / In the event cardholder got sick/accident and need to be evacuated and repatriated, we provide ranges of transportation required to do the evacuation, such as:
    a. By chartered aircraft Intl.SOS is able to equip and provide medical staff for a chartered aircraft to make it suitable for medical transportation.
    b. By air ambulance Intl.SOS is able to out sources an air ambulance complete with medical team and medical equipment from a third party provider.
    c. By scheduled airline
    d. By road ambulance and other modes of surface transportation

• Medical expense guarantee, cost review & payment, medical monitoring

• Guarantee of Payment: Re-pricing, discounts and savings
   Intl.SOS is able to secure discounts and savings on behalf of the Subscriber,

• Repatriation of mortal remains

• Other Medical Assistance:

• - Medical Advisory via Phone
     - Medical Service Provider Referral
     - Arrangement of Appointment with Local Doctors for Treatment
     - Arrangement of Hospital Admission

For more info, Call CIMB Niaga Priority Service (021) 5005 88

1. Medical Services Facility ("Facility") is provided by third party vendor appointed by PT. Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk ("Bank")

2. This facllity is only valid for cardholder of CIMB Niaga World MasterCard and CIMB Niaga Visa Infinite Card

3. Only main cardholders that is eligible to request for usage of this facility.

4. At the time main cardholder wants to make use of this facility or make inquiry of this facility, cardholder needs to call CIMB Niaga Priority Service at (021) 5005 88 and need to pass the verification process and the cards need to be in active condition.
    Niaga Priority Service di (021) 5005 88 terlebih dahulu untuk dilakukan verifikasi dan kartu kredit harus
    dalam keadaan aktif.

5. Bank only provides the access for cardholders to utilize this facility, however, all the costs incurred as the result of the use of this facility will be under cardholder's liability. All the cost will be charged to cardholder's credit card (CIMB Niaga World MasterCard or CIMB Niaga Visa Infinite)

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