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  • Poin Xtra


Apply for CIMB Niaga Credit Card and for every application approved you will enjoy Welcome Poin Xtra:

• 500 (five hundreds) points for Classic Card
• 1,000 (one thousands) points for Gold Card
• 2,500 (two thousands five hundreds) points for Platinum Card

Every time you make a purchase of IDR 5.000 and its multiplication, you will get Poin Xtra:

• 1 (one) points for Classic, Gold and Platinum Card.
• 3 (three) points for Visa Infinite Card
• 2 (two) points for World MasterCard

Collect your points and redeem with interesting prizes. Click here to see available prizes that you can choose.


Poin Xtra Redemption can be processed with the condition:
1. Your CIMB Niaga credit card is under good condition according to CIMB Niaga Card Center policy
2. Your CIMB Niaga credit card has been activated

 2.Exception to the Poin Xtra accumulation are transactions that is categorized as (but not limited to) cash advance, transfer balance, Cash Plus, Cash Back, Credit Card Catalogue, Annual Fee payment including Membership Fee, Insurance Premium, Installment Transaction, Monthly Installment, High-risk-category transactions, fee and charges.

 3.Poin Xtra generated from transaction on Supplementary Card(s) will be accumated automatically the total Poin Xtra under Main Card and the redemption can be combined, as illustrated below:
CIMB Niaga Gold MasterCard (basic card) 1,000 points, CIMB Niaga Visa Classic (supplementary card) 500 points, so total points redeemable is 1,500 points.

 4.Poin Xtra can not be transferred under any condition to other CIMB Niaga basic cardholder and can not be cashed out.

 5.Poin Xtra accumulation can not be combined under different name of basic CIMB Niaga cardholders.

 6.Poin Xtra redemption can only be processed with the request from the main cardholder, if the request is submitted by the supplementary card, then the request can not be entertained.

 7.CIMB Niaga Card Centre has the full right to determine the total accumulated points based on the date on CIMB Niaga Card Centre.

 8.CIMB Niaga Cardholder who has 2 main cards and has the intention to close one of his/her main card, the total accumulated points under the main card that is intended to be closed can be shifted to the other active main card before the other is closed.

 9.Poin Xtra Redemption request that has been received and processed by CIMB Niaga Card Centre can not be canceled for any reason(s)

 10.In the case of dispute transaction, total points generated from that transaction will be reversed. If the investigation result has proofed that the transaction is valid then CIMB Niaga Card Centre will re-generate the points.

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