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Electronic Access  
With CIMB Bank’s range of online facilities and services, banking has never been easier! Check your account balance, transfer funds, pay bills, make a new fixed deposit placement and so much more, all at the push of a button. Modern technology lets you do more, wherever you are.

Go Mobile
The widest and fastest access... It is how we describe Go Mobile.  We understand the high mobility of our Customer as well as their needs of timely banking transactions. Whatever mobile device you use, your banking activity is only a tap away... anytime at anywhere. Mobile transaction is also accessible thru our SMS Menu. Register now and enjoy the limitless banking mobility.
Phone Banking 14041
Whenever you need assistance or have any banking query, simply call 14041 to get the actual information. Even financial transaction can be done through your phone. Phone Banking can be dialed 24/7 from anywhere, Indonesia or abroad.
Enjoy the service of CIMB Niaga in more than thousand of ATM machine, and link to thousands of ATM Bersama & Prima, MEPS (Malaysian Electronics Payment System) and Visa Plus around the world.
Self Service Terminal (SST)
Banking service with touch screen and user friendly menu, that will ease your transaction (non-cash ).
CIMB Clicks
An instant banking service using internet connection that makes it possible for you to do banking transaction without leaving your seat. Security is not a concern within this service; we use captcha (random alphanumeric code) to ensure that the response is generated by human, and secureword (user-created code) to indicate that you are entering the correct website, of CIMB Niaga.

Register yourself through www.cimbclicks.co.id. 
Cash Deposit Machine
Depositing your cash at hand does not need any paperworks or take so much effort anymore. Simply use our CDM to cash in to any CIMB Niaga account.
Billing Provider List
Find out which biller you can access to when you do banking transactions using our e-banking channels.
Rekening Ponsel

First in Indonesia!

Transfer to any mobile numbers in Indonesia free of charge, and withdraw your cash at any CIMB Niaga ATM using just your mobile phone.
Digital Lounge

Laying the blocks to the future in retail banking, CIMB Niaga piloted the future branch, currently named CIMB Niaga Digital Lounge. It is a banking concept encapsulating non-intimadating latest technology to deliver fast and hassle-free banking experience to retail banking customers. CIMB Niaga Digital Lounge is managed by several Digital Banking Managers who provide full assistance to customers.




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