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Our range of remittance instruments lets you purchase or receive bank drafts, remit via Western Union, and send or receive money via telegraphic transfer. The money is moved electronically to or from the designated recipient / remitter through one of our correspondent banks overseas. If you would like to send or receive money quickly and easily, nothing’s better than CIMB Bank’s funds transfer facilities – your money will go through securely within minutes or latest by the next business day. You can perform all these tasks at all our branches

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Foreign Currency Funds Transfer  
Bank Draft  
Special Remittances  
Why this product? Global money transfer service under cooperation with MoneyGram Payment Service Ltd. *). Enjoy the convenient and quick cash-to-cash remittance service from MoneyGram in CIMB Niaga. CIMB Niaga provides the best solution for your global foreign currency remittance needs to ease your transaction.

Available for personals and corporations account holders. 

Solution to remit fund through bank draft issuance or collection, available in 10 currencies. Remittance service for overseas Indonesians to send money to their family in Indonesia. Automated transaction processing guarantees the speed and accuracy of transactions.  
Countries All MoneyGram locations in 192 countries All countries in the world except those under specific sanction from related government/authority.
•Singapore (SGD)
•Europe (EUR)
•Australia (AUD)
•Hong Kong (HKD)
•Japan (JPY)
•New Zealand (NZD)
•Canada (CAD)

•Arab Saudi
•Uni Emirat Arab
•Brunei Darussalam
•Negara-negara lain
Maximum Amount Transfer from CIMBNiaga is limited to maximum USD 10,000 equivalent per transaction per customer per day and depend to limitation at receiving country.

Any amount.   Up to Eq. IDR. 25 million per transaction and Eq. IDR 80 million per day.  
Delivery Within Within minutes Same day services are available for both outgoing remittance and incoming remittance.

Same day value within cut-off time & applied terms.

  Same day value within cut-off time & applied terms.  

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