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A facilitiy for you who wants alternative to access your billing information / information of your account electronically. By registering to this facility, you are also supporting an eco-friendly initiative. You can access e-statement anywhere and anytime through https://www.cimbclicks.co.id/cc-cimbniaga by registering on CIMB Niaga Internet Banking. We will also send the e-statement to your email with which you have registered, so that you won’t miss any information.

For your security, a password is needed to open your e-statement. Information on the format of the password will be provided in the email. If you go would like to access this information through https://www.cimbclicks.co.id/cc-cimbniaga site, you are required to enter a login username and password or your credit card details in advance. You can also download and access your e-Statement up to the last 6 months.

E-Statement is a form of CIMB Niaga Credit Card delivery (except CIMB Niaga Credit Card Corporate Card) through email, which is sent online as per billing cycle date. E-Statement will replace CIMB Niaga Credit Card billing statement delivery via courier.


E-Statement Delivery associated with credit card transactions via email is sent with Cardholder’s approval to the Bank and is the responsibility of the Basic Cardholder in its entirety.


E-Statement delivery will be effective in the same month after Cardholder’s approval to use the facility 3 (three) working days before CIMB Niaga Credit Card billing cycle date.


To be able to open the E-statement, CIMB Niaga Credit Cardholder is required to have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 installed.


The credit card billing information is addressed only to CIMB Niaga Credit Cardholders who have registered their email address to receive such statement every month and have been approved by Bank CIMB Niaga according to applicable regulations.


E-Statement registration is automatically applicable to all credit cards owned by CIMB Niaga Credit Cardholder.


E-Statement can only be opened using a 6-digit password.


Bank CIMB Niaga has no obligation to examine, investigate the authenticity, validity or the authority and provisions ofthe recipient of the E-Statement and it is the responsibility of CIMB Niaga Credit Cardholder entirely.


CIMB Niaga Credit Cardholder shall contact the Call Center CIMB Niaga 14041, if:
a. There is a change of email address
b. E-Statement service received imperfectly
c. Not receiving E-Statements


Bank CIMB Niaga Cardholders indemnify the Bank from any liability and / or prosecution if Cardholder failed to contact the Call Center CIMB Niaga 14041 or branch office of Bank CIMB Niaga to notify the changes in the data information.


E-Statement delivery will be stopped, if they fail to be sent within a period of three (3) consecutive months.


E-Statement service will end if the Credit Card is closed at the request of Basic Cardholder, or the decision of Bank CIMB Niaga with or without prior notice to the Cardholder.


Bank CIMB Niaga reserves the right to amend, delete and / or add to the terms and conditions of E-Statement at any time which will be notified later to CIMB Niaga Credit Cardholder.

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